Choosing to live a nomadic life as a full-time RVer was a natural choice. I grew up on road trips and repeated the process with my own children. It came a little harder for my grounded husband but he adapted quickly. We took off in a vintage 23′ travel trailer with a dog and cat, not realizing the magnitude of our actions. Now we’ve graduated to a larger rig, learned a LOT . . . and truly love the lifestyle.

That’s not to say it’s all peaches and cream. Living in tiny quarters requires patience, flexibility and good communication.

Hubs is a Point A to Point B driver. I enjoy a slower pace, stopping to snap a few photographs or explore a hidden trail. 

He’s a voracious reader. I prefer hiking, writing, crafting . . . something that satisfies my need for perpetual motion. He’s a morning person. I’m a night owl. He drinks tequila. I like wine. He munches on chips and Goldfish. I’m a chocoholic. He has a memory like an elephant but can’t recall what he did that morning. I can tell him what he did that morning but after a week, my mind does a memory dump. But all things considered . . . we cohabitate amazingly well!

As an author, trying to create structured writing time in a fluid lifestyle can be challenging. Some days, it goes exceedingly well. Others . . . meh. It’s always fun when I  squeeze in an author appearance or workshop because it keeps me connected to readers and other writers.

I invite you to join me on this never-ending journey across America’s back roads. If you’re an arm chair traveler, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. If you’re a wanderer like me, I hope we meet along the way.



Instagram – OnTheWriteRoads
Twitter – @debsanders01
Facebook – Deb Sanders
LinkedIn – DebraSSanders01

EMAIL – debsanders01 at gmail dot com


7 thoughts on “ABOUT DEB

    1. Well . . . gosh, darn! I’m so used to replying to everyone through comments or on social media it never occurred to me to list my email address. I just updated the page. Thank you for bringing that to my attention! I’m always available to discuss books. Feel free to email any time. 🙂 debsanders01 at gmail dot com


  1. Thanks, Louisa! I appreciate your support. Hope you enjoy The Gatekeeper. I’m working on the second book in the series now.


  2. Hi Deb, just read your excerpt on Amazon for the Gatekeeper and had to buy. I’m looking forward to reading it. I liked your blog entry on the angst of writing and filmmaking too.


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