20170105_131021_burst011Choosing to live as a full-time RVer was a natural choice for me. Not so much for my husband but he grudgingly embraced the concept. We took off in a vintage 23′ travel trailer with a dog and cat, not realizing the magnitude of what we’d just done. Now we’ve graduated to a larger rig, learned a LOT . . . and truly love the lifestyle.

That’s not to say it’s all peaches and cream. Living in tiny quarters requires adjustment.

Hubs is a Point A to Point B driver. I enjoy a slower pace, stopping to snap a few photographs or explore a hidden trail. He’s a20170204_112218_burst011-copy voracious reader. I prefer hiking, writing, crafting . . . something that satisfies my need for perpetual motion. He’s a morning person. I’m a night owl. He drinks tequila. I like wine. He munches on chips and Goldfish. I’m a chocoholic. He has a memory like an elephant but can’t recall what he did that morning. I can tell him what he did that morning but after a week, my mind does a memory dump.

All things considered . . . we cohabitate amazingly well!

As an author, writing under unstructured circumstances can be challenging. I’m still working on routine in a lifestyle that contains none. Some days, it goes exceedingly well. Others . . . meh. It’s always fun when I can squeeze in an author appearance or workshop because it keeps me connected to readers and other writers.

I invite you to join me on this never-ending journey across America’s back roads. If you’re an arm chair traveler, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. If you’re a wanderer like me, I hope we meet along the way.


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Twitter – @debsanders01
Facebook – Deb Sanders
LinkedIn – D.S. Sanders

EMAIL – debsanders01 at gmail dot com


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