Another Curve Ball . . .DUCK!

I don’t know why I expect plans to go as scheduled. It hasn’t happened in so long. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing Ping Pong with life and there’s so much English on the ball, I can’t possibly return the serve. Yet I lunge and give it my best shot. Our plans to explore Albuquerque, […]

Interview at Ellenbooks

There’s an elite group . . . and I don’t say that lightly . . . of authors who manage to balance life on the road with writing. I was honored when Ellen Behrens, an outstanding author and fellow RVer, asked to interview me for her blog. Please click the link below and stop by […]

Dreamin’ My Life Away . . .

Day dreaming. Visualization. Manifesting. Law of Attraction. Goal setting. Believe it and see it. All of those terms describe a similar process – achieving one’s ambition or desire.  The trick is transforming thought into action. Everyone “dreams” about the pot at the end of the rainbow. That pot might contain a winning lottery ticket, a […]

Home is Where You Park It

Some of you may have noticed my blog feed has been sporadic of late, as well as undergoing a few subtle changes. There’s a reason for that . . . the call of the wild. Gypsy fever. Nomadic life. Full time RVing. Yep. Me, hubby, the dog and cat are about to become Happy Campers. I’ve always […]

Not All Wanderers Are Lost . . .

 . . . unless you’re my hubby. I recently went on a Sunday afternoon drive with hubby. I typically explore my surroundings on my own but this particular day I encouraged him to go with me. We  moved to North Carolina last year and since our time here is short, I want to experience everything […]